Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Searching Google for Sources by Reading Level

This month's Google tip deals with finding appropriate readings for students at different reading levels........

When I first saw this trick, I immediately thought of all of our work in AO as well as the current leveling in Science and the similar changes coming to English and Social Studies............

To search Google for sources sorted by reading level all you have to do is the following.......

1.   Go to Google and search for "Google Advanced Search".............(or you could just click HERE!)

2.   In the top box/boxes type in your search topic........

3.   Scroll down just a bit and you will see a series of options for your search.    Using the pull down menu, change the "Reading Level" setting to "annotate results with reading levels".       

4.  Hit Advanced Search.

The results that come up will display the results as "Advanced", "Intermediate" and "Basic".......Depending on the reading level you are looking for, click on the appropriate reading level and google will share with you only the results you requested.


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  1. Hey Mark! Love this post. I'm going to cross-post over at our Tech Integration Now blog! Great resource that I know people DO NOT know about.